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What's your leadership credit rating?

You are probably aware of the standard definition of a credit rating: it's an evaluation of the "credit worthiness of a debtor" - typically a business, or a government. It's an assessment of an organization's risk of default. A high credit rating indicates a low risk of default, and, therefore, an organization that should not have any problems borrowing money.  

The best uses for your tax refund

It's usually better not to get a tax refund, but if you are getting one, the key question is: what you should do with your refund?

Ethan Allen goes on demand

When Okanagan shoppers see furniture they want to buy they want it in their home right away.

Raising the health-food bar

Martin McDermott learned on the football field and in the kitchen how to raise the bar in the health-food industry.

Say ADIOS to bad meetings

How much time have you wasted in bad meetings? And, how much of other people's time have you wasted because you led bad meetings?

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Are you in favour of the Kelowna Farmers Market moving downtown?