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So what's new when it comes to filing your taxes

With the deadline for filing your tax return coming soon, I thought this would be a good time for a few reminders as well as an outline of what is new.

An 'accidental leader' is still a leader

There is common mindset I have discovered amongs many small business owners. I call it the "Accidental Leader Syndrome." It typically occurs when the owner started the business himself, has grown it to a good size, and now finds himself in a leadership role, but he doesn't see himself as a leader.

Don't buy a home you can't afford

One of the most common mistakes Canadian homebuyers make - particularly first time buyers - is starting out at the wrong price level. 

Okanagan Car Share expanding

It was all very civilized.

Do you know what charcuterie is?

Two types of people drop into chef Jason Leizart's new Salted Brick shop and restaurant in downtown Kelowna.

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